About us


We are Leechee. Read Lychees, just like this tiny, sweet fruit with an interesting color.

The brand was founded by two friends: Ola and Ola. Brain and heart. Each of us is different. One calm, organized, with an analytical approach, the other spontaneous, sensitive, with a head full of ideas. We're both mums and we love America.

We would like to invite you to our world of Leechee.

Sun, ocean, surfing is the promise of happiness that California gives us. The feeling of freedom, time spent on the water with friends is our recipe for happiness. The collection of our swimsuits is a reflection of our American dream that has been in our hearts for years. California is a mix of cultures, a place where everyone will find something for themselves. Our hearts have belonged to her for a long time. Closing the eyes feels on the face the warm rays of the sun, wrapped in a brisk breeze, the sound of waves soothe the thoughts in the head.

Love the sun.